Welcome to Music for Young Children in  Kanata!

Interested in your child learning keyboard or piano? The best way for a child to learn is to have fun while learning. The fun lessons keep them engaged in learning.

That’s what Music for Young Children classes are about – having fun while learning the best quality music program. We teach in a variety of children’s learning styles and they learn to play through a multi-sensory approach. We sing, we move, we play games, we learn through characters, we compose, we play rhythm instruments, we play the keyboard, we assign homework that may involve cutting or coloring . . . and through all of this, we have fun! Students learn quicker because we have lots of fun! They don’t even realise how much of a solid foundation in Music they are building.

I’ve been teaching privately, with the school board, and with MYC for over 15 years. Want to see what others think of my classes, check out my testimonials. Check the schedule for more information or contact me (mycnora at gmail.com).

“Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.”
~ Plato ~

Last updated September 27th, 2017