Hello Parents,

As we are getting ready for the holidays, vacation, family time, Christmas parties… I know that some of the practicing time will be cut down. I won’t assign extra homework through the holidays. For those of you that are around there are Holiday books available at MYC Shop. Please let me know if you’d like a book for $4.75 after tax, and bring exact change to the class. There are also supplementary songs and piano pieces available at the back of the K (or S) section. They are labelled as KS# or SS#.

Please remember that it is okay to take a break from practicing for a week or so, and that you don’t need to play any extra pieces. You can just pick up the routine again when the classes start. Also kudos to you for getting into the practicing routine (I know it can be a challenge at times), it’s nice to see all the students get their big stickers. =) And to see how far they’ve come since September!

I hope that you and your family have wonderful holidays!
~ Nora

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