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This year’s International Composition Festival had over 12,000 entiries. I am please to announce that this year 2 of my MYC students recieved an honourable mention for their compositions:

MB2 Isabella Turco for “Caterpillar Butterfly”
SB2 Alexander Wagler for “The Sloth”
(posted April 21st)
(posted Feb 17)
Wow! The compositions I am hearing sound great! I like hearing the new techniques we’ve been learning.
Before you hand in your photocopied final copy, I would like you to double-check your composition for the following:

1. All mistakes are cleanly erased.
2. Make sure you have a title.
3. Make sure the student printed their own name.
4. Make sure that you have dynamics.
5. Make sure you have a stop sign at the end of your song (double bar lines).
(SS1 is exempt from the following:)

6. Make sure that you have indicated your tempo. (fast/slow)
7. Remember to line up all the notes/chords with the treble clef & bass clef counterparts correctly.
8. Make sure all bar lines go from the top of the treble clef to the bottom of the bass clef.
9. Make sure that you only write your time signature once (at the beginning of the song) in both the treble and bass clefs.
10. Make sure that the key signature is before the time signature at the beginning of the song, and at the beginning of each line.
11. Make sure that there are the right amount of beats in every bar (treble AND bass)
12. Double check the direction of your stems.

Have fun with your compositions and I can’t wait to hear your final pieces next class!!!

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