One of the wonderful things about MYC is that the children are exposed to all areas of Music and have a thorough musical background by the time they graduate. It’s not just piano lessons; we do Music theory, singing, solfège, listening, homework, keyboard, rhythm ensembles, and composition.

This year’s International Composition Festival had over 12,000 entries. I am pleased to announce that this year 2 of my MYC students received an honourable mention for their compositions:

MB2 Isabella Turco for “Caterpillar Butterfly”
SB2 Alexander Wagler for “The Sloth”

Through composition, the students of MYC are encouraged to explore creativity, while being given techniques and a foundation on which to build. The children often start with an analytical piece following common composition techniques found in classical Music, then the creativity kicks in. Others create then become more cognitive. Either way it’s great to see how the children grow with it, enhance their self-esteem and become delighted with their accomplishments.

All students have created something to be proud of.

“I like composing because it is interesting. I feel happy. I’m proud of the music I create.”
Mason, MYC grad, age 10 years

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