What have you listened to lately?

In our classes we do many listening activities – which you all do very well ☼. I hope that this has improved the way you hear Music. In class we listen for things like tempo, dynamics, patterns, time signatures, …. Often people take Music for granted, and don’t pay attention to it as it plays in the background at the restaurant, in the car, etc.

What have you listened to lately? I would like to you to broaden your Music listening this month. There is a lot of great Canadian Music (which goes with our Moonbeams 3 theme), some of which you can find here on the CBC.
CBC Music

Added November 3rd:
It IS important for the children to listen to Music. They should hear performers that are better than them, that play with more details than they do. If they watch a performer play with feeling for example, they can go home and try to mimic this with their own playing. Playing Music without listening to it, is like an artist trying to paint without ever seeing a painting or sculpture.

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