Holiday Books are now available

MYC is now offering their holiday books at a sale price. These have great keyboard songs (like jingle bells and activities that have the holiday theme for your child. There is one for every level. Advanced Moonbeams 2 can also try the “I’m a Star” book which is normally used for MB3’s.
(this link takes 5+ seconds to load)

Instead of ordering them through the site for $4.94 plus shipping, you can order them through me for $4 each including tax (and shipping). Please let me know soon if you’d like me to order one for you as I will be putting in orders today and Friday.

*Please note you do not have to get the book, I’m just letting you know about the sale. There are also a few KS pieces that you can play over the holidays. We don’t usually cover these Supplementary pieces throughout the regular MYC curriculum.


Nora =)
B.A Hons Music, B. Ed

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