More than just a piano lesson

Many of us (parents) that took piano lessons went through private lessons. This mean we waited until we were able to sit still at the piano for half an hour and process what the teacher was saying. Personally, my parents saw that I really enjoyed music, and decided to put me in private lessons at age 6. Well they told me I quit before the prepaid month was up. This is very surprising to me considering my love for Music and current career path. Obviously this traditional method didn’t work for 6 year old Nora. After a few years they tried again, and success! I remember even bringing the keyboard outside, and playing on the porch. I was finally ready to learn through private lessons.

But your kids are showing interest now. Should you wait until they are 10 to start them in piano lessons? No. It’s best to catch them while they are interested, and at a young age. I’ve taught privately, in a classroom, even a band of over 45 students; but nothing compares to Music for Young Children. The curriculum is targeted specifically for this age group. We sing, we learn, we play instruments, and of course the piano / keyboard. Want to see a class in action? Let me know. You are welcome to come see my classes, or even register for a try-it class. You will see quality music lessons in a positive and enthusiastic environment. The goal is to make learning fun while promoting musical learning excellence. And you will see this in my classes.

I have classes for beginner five and six year olds on Wednesday (6:15pm), Thursday (6:15pm), and Saturdays (9:10am). Some classes only have one space left, so let me know soon if you are interested.

Update in October:
Weekday classes are full, one spot available on Saturday mornings.

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