Rhythm Festival 2013

It’s time for the kids to share their wonderful music with their peers. I always get such great feedback from this opportunity and have decided to go ahead and do it again.

Rhythm Festival

When: Saturday Nov. 23rd, 2013.
Where: Bridge Street Church, behind Canadian Tire http://goo.gl/maps/0qVWu

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Time: TBA- it will depend on the number of registrants from across Ottawa. Younger students will be first in the day (9am) while older students will follow (up until 4pm). You will only need to give an hour of your time, so it is as long as a class.

Cost: This is considered a class. There is no additional cost to you. Audience members may choose to make a donation to the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects.

Why: The Rhythm Festival provides child friendly adjudication and interaction with peers who also take music lessons. Students will get to practice in class for the performance, so they usually don’t get nervous. Music is meant to be shared, and this is a positive place for that first performance to happen.

Saturday classes will not be held in the studio on Nov. 23rd as we will be at the festival that day. Please consult your Calendar.

This year, adjudicator is Randy Demmon. He is a double bassist (that big string instrument you see in orchestras), and plays a variety of styles as well as composes. http://rdemmon.com/bio.htm

Please let me know if you have any further questions about the event.

P.S. Please switch the Rhythm Festival dates from November 16th to November 23 on your calendars; or download the revised calendar (updated Oct. 16th).

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