Curved Fingers

I know I spend some time picking on the posture, hand position, fingers, ready position … at the piano, so I thought I’d explain some of the reasons:

Here are 4 reasons for playing with curved fingers:
1- when your fingers are straight they are all different lengths; but curved, in effect they are the same
2- When your fingers are straight, your thumb can not be properly used; curved fingers bring the thumb into the correct playing position
3- Straight fingers will bend at the first joint, opposite to the motion of the key, delaying key response. With curved fingers, keys respond instantly. You are in Control when your fingers are curved.
4- Moving over the keys will require turning the thumb under the fingers. Curved fingers provide an Arch that makes this motion possible.

Also I will be teaching all beginner levels (and Sunbeams 2) next year, so please let me know if you have an interested friend, or you yourself are interested. Amongst the beginner classes I will also be offering an Adult beginner class.

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