Recital Day Guide

It’s time for the recital day. You child will get to showcase what they have learned this year. Can you remember when they couldn’t even find where “c” was on the piano, let alone actually ready the music?

So how do you prepare for the recital?
Well, as mentioned all month, it’s a good idea to have them play a mini concert for the family, even if it’s over the phone or Skype, even in the clothes they will wear at the recital (something nice). Once they have done that performance, playing in front of strangers can be much easier. We will also be singing and playing ensemble at the recital. They can even do that as part of their family performance. Usually though because they are standing up on the stage with their classmates, they don’t feel the need to be nervous.

The day of the recital:
Try to keep them at ease on the day of the recital. One year, I had a girl break her arm (skiing) two months before the conservatory exam. So she had to play one-handed until 3 weeks before the exam. Her parents were so worried and nervous about that, but really compared to the nearly three years she had spent preparing, the month of one-handed playing wasn’t as big of a deal. She ended up getting honours on her exam. Don’t worry if your child made a mistake at their “performance” last week, they will probably be fine when they play today. And if they do a make a mistake… applaud anyway. There’s always something good to say about it – they sit tall at the piano, the walked nicely to their spot, they smiled at the audience, they played their piece well on a grand piano, they had their fingers curved, etc……
Make sure you arrive early. You can even have them sneak a scale in on the large piano to get a feel for it if they like. (You’d have to be really early for this though, as we don’t want to ruin the “surprise” of the piece for the audience. If for any reason you arrive late, make sure you enter between the piano pieces instead of in the middle of a student’s performance. When the recital starts, show your children how to be good listeners (no cellphones), applaud, and stay for the whole recital. Other students worked just as hard as yours and showing your child how to respect and appreciate other’s efforts is also a part of their music education.

Enjoy the recital, your presence is a big testament to their success this year.

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