1 week to go!

What to bring to the first class

Classes start in one week.  If you have not yet done so, please download our calendar (http://musicnora.ca/schedule/calendar/); note the classes at the end of November.

Parents have been asking me how to prepare, and what they need to bring to the first class, so here’s a list.

New students: Pencil, tuition cheques (monthly/seasonal/annual – if tuition has not yet been paid), a smile. Please arrive 5 minutes early. Family registrants please bring in the MYC bag, tinsheet, etc.

Returning students: Special pencil, tuition cheques (monthly/seasonal/annual – if tuition has not yet been paid), MYC bag, tinsheet, rhythm bag, bright ideas binder (for Moonbeams 3 only) your Summer Fun Booklet, and a smile.

How to Prepare for Music Classes

Some parents have been asking me about how they can prepare for music classes (yay!). So I thought I’d write about it.

If you’ve already been with me for at least a year, then you’ve received a Summer Fun booklet with some fun activities to review. Please bring this in with you to the first class, and if completed, your child will get a treat.

Here are some other ideas to prepare:
1) Make sure you have set up the keyboard (touch-sensitive) and bench in a quiet place in the house for your child to do his/her daily practice.
2) Schedule a consistent, daily time for practice.
3) Expose your child to a wide variety of music, including concerts and recitals.
4) Enthusiasm is contagious – talk about the class. Studies indicate that parental attitude, support, and involvement are very important factors in a child’s success with learning to play and enjoy music.
5) Listen to Music – sing in the car!

Overall just come prepared to learn a lot and have fun!
I’m looking forward to seeing you all shortly. Enjoy your weekend!

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