Birthday Surprise

I love to hear from my previous students.  I often wonder what they have been up to for the past several years.  (On my birthday) I just heard from a student that graduated from MYC in 2012 after completing the full program with me.  I am so happy that the parent took the time to email me as I love to hear what they have been up do.  For those parents that are disappointed if their kids stop music after MYC, just know that everything they are learning stays with them forever.  I even get adults singing about Fireman Fred to me YEARS later.   Here are some of the music related snippets that this parent shared:

“At times, (she) talks about you and once in a while she will hum one of the songs the kids learned as a group for music recital.   This tells you something about the impact you had on her life as a child.

To me it’s amazing how much children learn.  I love to hear which parts they remember even once they are done the program.  I’m sad to see the students go (though I try not to cry) after graduating with me, so hearing about what they’ve been up to is so fantastic.

If you’re an Music for Young Children parent, you know how much support the kids need to succeed (similar for other areas I’m sure); and this mom is super-supportive.  She even supports me in my teaching endeavors – and I love that!

 Lastly, I assume you will resume with your MYC lessons in September?   I hope so… you have a gift for teaching children.”

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