Preparing for the Recital

As the recital approaches, have your child play for the family at home.  You can even Skype/Facetime some extended family members for the home performance.  Many kids are more nervous about playing in front of family members than for strangers.   You can do the mini-recital at home and have them even practice walking up to the piano, playing their piece and bowing at the end. Once they’ve practised this, the recital seems easier.

If you find that the recital piece is getting “stale”, then it’s time to get creative.  Cut up some little pieces of paper and write different dynamics on each one, and have your child draw a dynamic and play the whole song that way.  You could record the performance, and play it for them.  You could talk about their favorite parts of the song, and the part they find most challenging.  Start at a different spot – maybe start from line 3 instead of from the beginning.  You can even play the lines backwards, ie. line 4 then 3, then 2 then 1.  You can play along with the CD, or slow down, or play it like a robot.  Challenge yourself to come up with a different way to play your piece.

This is a chance for you to recognise their efforts.  Give them heart-filled praise, get the camera ready, show them that you appreciate all their hard work and preparation. This will make their commitment soar.

Try on the recital outfit.  Sometimes kids grow a lot in the spring, so take the time to check if the outfit still fits before the recital.

Though there will be practising before the recital, try not to practice the day of – we want the brain fresh and ready for the recital.  If you do come in early you can test out the piano before the recital begins.

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