Ottawa Rhythm Festival

This year the Ottawa Rhythm Festival is proud to present an exciting line-up of young performers showcasing contemporary rhythm ensembles and songs created by Canadian Composers.

We will give you a taste of what we’ve learned so far this year in our local Music For Young Children Classes, from the 3-year-old beginner to more seasoned performers who have performed in the festival for a few years.

The Rhythm Festival will also have adjudicator Leo Brooks of Treefrog Percussion from right here in Ottawa. After each age group, he celebrates the learning and gives constructive feedback to our young performers. He keeps us engaged with hands-on activities to support our next steps.

This Rhythm Festival celebrates the importance of Music Education for Children (done through Music for Young Children). Come to celebrate our success in learning!
To make this event more accessible tickets and parking are free!

For details and to RSVP please visit:

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