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Would you like to see some classes in action?  Check out this video- This is our Sunbeams 1 music program.


Course Aim

Children are the centre of Music for Young Children, their learning styles and needs are met through a multi-sensory approach. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, auditory digital, analytical or a mixture of learning styles are used for success. The understanding of music will expand into positive problem-solving skills, areas of self-expression, the growth of memory skills and excellent self-confidence and self-esteem. With these natural outcomes, children can easily take on the skills required to read other languages and master other tasks.

In MYC (Music for Young Children), children meet in small groups, in their own age category, once a week for an hour, accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent, or caregiver) who participates in the program. We have 35 lessons a year, and entering in Sunbeams 1 means that they get to do the MYC program with a solid foundation in Music for 4 years.

Read more about the program curriculum below


Age-Appropriate Programs

All Music for Young Children programs cover certain material, designed for the development learning abilities appropriate to the age of the children in the program. The curriculum for each level is carefully geared and paced to the abilities and learning styles for that particular age group. Our programs are divided into the following age groups:

Sunrise (beginners age 2.5 – 4)
Sunshine (beginners age 4)
Sunbeams (beginners age 5 and 6)
Moonbeams (beginners age 7-9)

Sunrise 1, 2, and 3:

Sunrise is an exciting and innovative preschool Music program designed for children 2.5 – 4 years old . Sunrise Teddy Bear - Sunrise program onlyThese Music lessons are specially developed to teach basic rhythm, music vocabulary, singing, and listening skills, in a fun Music class environment. Music classes include singing, rhythm instruments, rhythm reading, crafts, listening activities, dancing/actions, stories, games, and more singing! We also do Music and Movement to help children internalise new Music concepts we are learning. If you like, I can meet with you at the studio to give you a tour and show you the materials we use.

Sunrise 1, 2, and 3 are cumulative programs (one completes Sunrise 1 before entering Sunrise 2). There are three 10-week Blocks for Sunrise Students. Each Block Costs $196 for the 10 classes including tax and all materials (book, CD, finger puppet etc.)Sunrise Materials for the youngest learners The registration fee covers all the required materials for the session, as well as the lessons. It includes a student manual, CD, and finger puppet. A zippered backpack is also available upon request at a small additional charge. By being in the class with your child, you also can also reinforce new concepts and skills at home. The children like to have their parents there, as it gives them a bit more security in their early learning experiences. This also gives you the opportunity to not only learn Music with them, but to also see their learning style and interests.


 Sunshine 1:

This program, four-year-old beginners (some three-year-olds as well) includes large muscle experiences in beat and rhythms as well as fine motor experiences in rhythm instrument ensemble playing. By the end of the first year, Sunshines are playing in C major and middle C positions and are reading from the staff. Pre-reading experiences – such as like and different sorting, looking for patterns with colorful visual aids, glueing and coloring — are part of the program. We cover at least a dozen activities, most of which are hands-on.  We use puppets, games, magnets, rhythm instruments, pianos, songs, rhythm stories, and more to help learn new concepts!  Edyth Puppet - age appropriate teaching aids

Parental involvement at home is a vital part of the learning dynamic which allows students to experience maximum success. We create the happy habit of Music.  Join Sunshine 1 if you want your child to be well-rounded in their Music learning, amaze you with new skills, and have fun with music along the way. Here’s what we cover in our curriculum

 Sunbeams 1:

These eager 5 and 6 year olds are bright and quick. They absorb information like sponges. They are also exercising greater independence and want YOU, Mom and Dad, to know that “I can do it!” Indeed, they can. Each 1-hour class is interactive, enthusiastic and exciting as we incorporate games, singing, movement, solfège, rhythm ensembles, compositions, patterns and a variety of means to teach the well-rounded program to these young beginners. We cover at least a dozen activities, most of which are hands-on.  We use puppets, games, magnets, rhythm instruments, pianos, songs, rhythm stories, and more to help learn new concepts!  Dinosaur Puppet - teaching aids

The program teaches the keyboard geography through ”critters” and by the end of the course, we have covered the C and G Major Scales and a minor (harmonized with bridges). The majority of notes are covered on both the treble and bass clefs by the end of the year.

Parental involvement at home is a vital part of the learning dynamic which allows students to experience maximum success. We create the happy habit of Music.  Join Sunbeams 1 if you want to see your child amaze you, and learn great values, and have fun with music along the way. Here’s what we cover in our curriculum

Moonbeams 1:

For the older beginner, ages seven through nine, the program lasts three years. Our Moonbeams want “quick results” and the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire are designed to support their growing sense of independence. They are reading Music with both hands together before December! Children who choose music at this age have a great interest in it after trying some other things. Something keeps calling them back… They really enjoy making and sharing music. The Moonbeams 1 program capitalizes on that love and fills in gaps of information seamlessly. If your child is drawn to music, singing, and playing around with instruments this would be a wonderful way to teach them more about their love of music, and add more knowledge to their musical desires.

Students at the final level, Moonbeams Three, are thoroughly prepared for Grade One Conservatory examinations and have, in many cases, been awarded the Conservatory Silver Medal, the highest mark provincially, for Grade One Piano. Even more important, the MYC graduates (and parents) are very highly motivated for further study in music and private teachers have found many of the students so well prepared for private lessons that they have accelerated them through Conservatory Grades Two and Three (and some even grade 4) in one year!


Curriculum For all keyboard programs

The concepts and skills that are covered in each week’s lessons are provided by certified MYC teachers who, with many aids, create their own lesson plans. Teachers are able to modify lessons based on the needs of the children in their classes, while following an international “map”. It also allows the teachers to strengthen their presentations by using their own creative ideas. No matter how individualised the presentation, however, the following activities are incorporated into the curriculum to teach or reinforce the concepts. Becky Bird singing


Development of ear training and sight-singing through the use of solfège is an integral part of the program. Songs are also used for expressive singing and to reinforce dynamics and the teaching of new musical concepts.  Children enjoy singing together and the CD with backup Music, and our movement makes it even more fun.



Because listening is essential to musical literacy, each level includes listening activities ranging from:
• By-ear playbacks to melodic dictation
• Rhythm pattern identification to dictation
• Listening for dynamics
• Chord quality identification
• Well-known melodies and composer or style identification



Developmentally appropriate written materials are provided for each level as confirmation and review of rudiments and theory. Homework for the youngest learner might be a glueing and coloring task, while the Sunbeams’ work may include theory pages reinforcing what had been reviewed in class. The Moonbeams’ homework might include note and rhythm notation, vocabulary, chord study, scale writing and simple analysis.  The assignment is tailored to your child’s level, and an integral part of the success of the program.

The keyboard geography begins in a D-centered approach. Keyboard reading skills are developed through careful, incremental introduction of note reading with constant review to motivate and confirm for the child his/her own developing sight-playing skills.

The final year keyboard includes playing grade one conservatory or late-elementary standard piano repertoire and folk songs.  We also cover musical theory that lasts until Grade 5 conservatory.  MYC students have a solid foundation in Music and often do very well and get awards with the conservatory exams. Technique, scale and full chord studies, ensemble playing and arranging and harmonization are emphasised.



A composition unit of study is included in each level of MYC. However simple or elaborate in construction, each composition is reviewed and the student’s effort is rewarded and encouraged. Creativity and expression are nourished.

Rhythm and keyboard ensembles are used throughout the course for:
• Reinforcement of rhythm reading
• Ensemble practice
• Exposure to great melodies
• Introduction to periods and styles
• Fun


Opportunities for performance are offered throughout the year: a late November Rhythm Festival performance and a year-end recital are offered. There are also several other opportunities throughout the year for solo and group performances at special events. Performance opportunities increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence as well as providing them with learning opportunities in goal setting and time-management.

Lesson Costs

The program is 35 classes (1 hour each) including a recital and rhythm festival.
Tuition ($735/year) is paid in full or through 8 post-dated cheques. The last month is paid upfront and is non-refundable.
Besides financial cost, there is an investment of time by both parent and child. A parent attends class each week with their child. Both parents are encouraged to spend time with their child while practising (for younger children this looks more like playing). Practice time is more fun together and offers you an opportunity to enjoy and share in your child’s success.

Books and Materials:
The registration fee (Sunbeams I $184.56 including tax plus $22.73 for 3 CD pack) covers all the required materials for the Music Year. It includes three extensive student manuals, zippered carrying case, tin sheet and magnets, castanets, a set of 3 CD’s, and an MYC Activities Book with guide.

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  1. Hey Nora

    My girls age 5 and 9 have been in piano lessons for 2 years now, however the schedule of the current teacher does not work for me. I am looking for piano lessons on Sunday afternoon. I read your ciriculum and it sounds amazing. Do you have space.

  2. Hello Nora,
    We’re excited to learn about your classes but would like to know more. Our 4 and 7 year olds are exuberant music lovers. We would like to provide them some early music instruction that allows them to explore and express themselves. Which instruments do you teach? What are your fees and your schedules? Weekends work best for us. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Heather,
      Your kids are at a perfect age to start! Our program is piano keyboard based, but we also sing a few times a class, and play percussion (drums, tambourines, castanets) instruments. This is all included in the 1 hour lesson. I offer classes on Saturdays, but not Sundays. I will have a more finalised time once the early-bird registration for returning students is complete (May 1st). I anticipate a late morning class, or late afternoon class though. The fees are $20/class (which is an hour in length).

  3. Hi Nora,

    I heard about your name from a friend of mine. I am thinking about registering my daughter Annabelle in the Sunshine program this Sept. She will be 4 years old by Nov. 30, 2014. Do you offer any Sunshine class for a 3-4 year old? if so do you have the detailed schedule and cost?

    Do you have any sample class for Annabelle to try out?

    Please let me know!


    1. Hello Julia,

      Its wonderful that your friend is enjoying my classes and has referred you to this great program. At the moment I am planning to offer Sunbeam and Moonbeam classes, however if there is an interest in Sunshine I would be able to open a Sunshine 1 class. I run classes all May so if you do want to watch a class, let me know and we can find one that matches your schedule. If not though I can maybe find another Music teacher teaching Sunshine 1 that would match your schedule.


    2. Hello Julia,

      I have actually decided to open a Sunshine class because of the demand. If Annabelle has not yet signed up, please let me know. I will be offering try it classes on September 3rd and 6th.

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