Click on your day to download the calendar for the current school year (2017-2018).
This was last updated August 18, 2017.
Calendar for Wednesday classes
Calendar for Thursday classes
Calendar for Saturday classes

Here is my schedule for the 2017-2018 school year.

September Start Classes
(Classes begin September 6th, 2017)


(New Fairwinds location)

  • 6 pm Sunbeams 1 (1 spots remaining) Sunbeams 1


(Beaverbrook location)

  • 5:15 pm  Sunbeams 2 (FULL)
  • 6:30 pm  Moonbeams 3 (2)


(Beaverbrook location)

    • 9:45 am Sunbeams 1 (2 spots remaining) Sunbeams 1
    • 10:45 am Sunbeams 2 (3)
    • 1:15 pm Moonbeams 3 (2)
    • 2:20 pm Moonbeams 2 / Sunbeams 3 (2)

Details and Holidays

    • Classes begin September 6th, 2017
    • Rhythm Festival on November 25th
    • No Classes December 24th through January 7th
    • March Break (No class) March 12th – 20th
    • There may also be an Easter Break of video class
    • May recital date – invite family and friends

Please download your personalised calendar for details.

(Last updated August 18th, 2017)

I have a referral program, please let me know if you have referred someone to my classes.


4 thoughts on “Calendar”

  1. Hi Nora,

    I am thinking to get my son registered with your class ( will be 5 years old in fall). Can we go watch a class?


  2. Hi Nora,

    When are you going to be at the Studio? Can we watch a class?


    Cristina. 613-8598413
    Julia Fernandez mom

    1. Hello Cristina,

      My classes have actually finished for the year. I can meet you at the studio in the evening or on the weekend. Please let me know your preference.

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