Homework #20


For every 10 minutes you earn $1.00 music money. *(BONUS – $1.00 for everyone for whom you play.)*

There will be “shopping” weeks – one at the start of each Month, until the first week of April. You can save your money to spend all at one time – you do not have to shop each month! Bring the total number of minutes you have practised each week you come to class and your teacher will give you the music money for your music “wallet”.

Keep practising! Singing, writing rhythm stories, composing songs, … You’ll have more to spend!

What “counts” as practising? Playing the piano, using your tin sheet, singing, doing your H page or Bright Ideas! (Anything on the homework sheet)

As we explore composing, you can check out:
http://www.classicsforkids.com/games/compose/compose.html Lots of fun!

Sunshine 1
Lesson 20

Sunshine 2
Lesson 20

Sunbeams 1
Lesson 20

Sunbeams 2
Lesson 20

Sunbeams 3
Lesson 20

Moonbeams 1
Lesson 20

Moonbeams 2
Lesson 20

Moonbeams 3
Lesson 20

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