Links and Downloads

Practice Hints for Sunshines
Practice Hints for Sunbeams
56 Things about your Tinsheet
Music Coloring Sheet
Color in the Hand (SS and SB1)
Dens and Firehalls Game
Dice Template for Accidentals (SB2 and MB)
Dynamic Chart
Order of Flats and Sharps (MB)
Find these notes for Santa (Sunbeams)

Finger Numbers:
Finger Numbers Worksheet 1
Finger Numbers Worksheet 2

Note Naming:
Fast Lane Notes (SS and SB1)
Fast Lane Notes (Sunbeams and Moonbeams)
Fast Lane Notes (Sunbeams 2 and Moonbeams)
Fast Lane Notes (Sunshine Treble Clef)
Fast Lane Notes (Sunshine Bass Clef)
Use your Wickey Sticks to connect these flowers (SS and SB)
Match the Critter to the piano key (SS2 and SB)
Reference page for critter stories
Bass Clef Critters (SS and SB)
Keyboard Critters (SS and SB)

Music apps for children:
Adagio: The Musical Touch for Kids
Kids Song Machine
Ear Trainer Lite – Free (identify major/minor)
Virtuoso Piano Free (like a tinsheet with sounds)
Fee Fi Fo Fun

Fun Music games – composer worksheets, and more
Classics for Kids – Games Composers, and more
Name that note
Listen by Composer
Music Software
Note Worthy
Music Games
Theta Ear Trainer
Beethoven’s Wig
Music Theory Exercises
Name notes on the staff and more
Printable Flash Cards
Music theory practice

Calendar Downloads:
Calendar for Wednesday classes
Calendar for Thursday classes
Calendar for Saturday classes
Calendar for Sunrise classes on Saturdays

Music for Young Children
Conservatory of Canada
Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations


If you found any great resources you would like to share, please comment below.  Thanks! =)

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