What are people saying about my classes? Here are their testimonials below,  you can also see some directly from parents on Linked In.

“Nora is a great piano teacher for my daughter! Thank you very much for all your efforts and sharing all your wonderful knowledge!”  Robert Adriano-  Moonbeams parent

“Nora is great with children and she makes the MYC theory fun to learn. She has many different strategies that keep the children motivated to do the homework every week. Both my children have had her as their beginning teacher and my oldest child said that she’s the best.” Leah –  Sunshine & Sunbeams parent

“Nora demonstrates such enthusiasm and love of teaching children to play piano during the lessons. The children are so engaged and having fun while learning. She has a great rapport with the parents but most importantly with the children.”  Cathy Morabito, Regional Coordinator at MYC

“Easy, fun, suitable to their ages.” May 2015  (SB1 Parent)

My daughter’s love of music and reading began in Nora’s Sunshine I class at MYC with puppets, shakers, pipe cleaner musical notes, and “hop” the rabbit hopping along a trail. With Nora’s guidance, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed learning and achieved Theory I and Level I Piano with First Class Honours by her 9th birthday.”  Sandra Thomas

“I highly recommend your classes.” May, 2014 ( SB1 Parent)

“Raymond is lucky to have you as the first Piano teacher. Raymond loves Piano and loves to sing, this is the best I can hope for.

Thank you.” Jing, June 2012 (Sunshine 2 parent)

“Nora is a very nice and experienced piano teacher for young children. She is well-organized with amiable personality and a high level of responsibility. I have a pleasure to see my daughter really thriving a lot under her instruction for nearly the past two years.” April, 2012

Service Category: piano teacher
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Mei Li Sunbeams Parent, First hired Nora in 2010 (hired more than once).

“Nora made our daughter’s dream come true…! Read music and play it. She is fantastic with kids and classes are always fun for parents and kids.”  February, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Victor Turco Moonbeams Parent, hired Nora as a Music Teacher in 2010, and hired Nora more than once

“Nora is a wonderful music teacher. She has a great energy, amazing patience and inspires the children every week. We look forward to each and every music class.” January, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Michelle Parent,  Sunshine and Sunbeams Parent, first hired Nora as a Music Teacher in 2009

“Nora is a wonderful music teacher for kids. She is very passionate about music and very passionate about teaching. She always has a way of motivating kids to perform better, very patient, and always looks for the best in everybody.” January 15, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Gita Nurlaila, Moonbeams Parent, hired Nora as a Music Teacher in 2009, and hired Nora more than once

“It will be a very precious piece of memory that my daughter has with Nora’s MYC class. I’ve never imagined that my daughter could be so confident in Nora’s music class when we first started. I am happy to see that my daughter is no longer shy of presenting her thoughts in the class, and she has gained lots of music skills, such as keyboard, rhythm, singing, etc. Thanks to Nora’s passion and professional skills, and her eyes discovering beauty in the world.” January 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Min Zhang , Sunshine and Sunbeams 2 Parent,  hired Nora more than once

Nora is an excellent piano teacher with the MYC system. My daughter goes to class with her every week and has rapid development and confidence with a complex subject of music. We speak very well about the professional Nora quality. December 2, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Juan Solano, Moonbeams Parent, hired Nora in 2009, and hired him/her more than once.

Jasmin is really in love with piano right now, I have to stop her every night. I am sure the holiday book would be a bonus to her. ” November 2012 – Min – Sunshine Parent

“When we get home after class, Sarah’s father always asks “how was music tonight” to which she always responds with “awesome!”.   She never says ‘awesome’ about anything.”

“I also wanted you to know about some of the benefits that are starting to really come through due to the MYC method of teaching -and your enthusiasm with kids.  Tonight, as we sat down to do our music, Sarah just put her MB2 book aside and started to write a piece of music for about 20 minutes.” October 2012 – Julie, MB2 Parent

“Nora is a wonderful, positive and well-rounded MYC teacher. The pleasure and joy she brings to her MYC classes are obvious when I see her students and families either coming to or leaving their classes. She is well prepared and is a very conscious teacher. We are so happy and appreciative for her to be a part of the MYC team and family.” – August 5, 2010

Olivia Riddell, President and International Director, Music for Young Children – managed Nora indirectly at Music for Young Children

“Nora has been teaching at the MYC studios in Kanata. The children and parents love her! Such enthusiasm! I am happy to recommend other parents and children to her classes!” – July 21, 2010

Frances Mae Balodis, Founder MYC, MYC, worked directly with Nora at Music for Young Children.

“My daughter attended Nora’s music class and learned a lot from her in a fun and creative way. Nora is patient and very nice to kids. MYC is also a very good program for young kids to learn music. I highly recommend Nora as the music teacher.” June 24, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
Minghong Li , Sunbeams Parent, hired Nora as a teacher in 2009

“You definitely seem to have a good perception of each child’s personality, and how to draw them into the lesson.” – November 25, 2011  -Sunbeams 1 parent

Comments after exam results:

(re First Class Honours) “This a huge accomplishment for all of us, especially you Nora.  Thanks for you patience and dedication.” Parent of MB3 grad, June 2015

“Good news and thank you so much for the great teaching!” Parent of MB3 grad, June 2015

Congratulations to you as the teacher.  You taught her well.” Parent of MB3 grad,  May 2015

“Nora uses extra techniques to make learning Music more fun, and the MYC curriculum in a group environment is already fun. Picture starting to learn Music at age 3 or 4 with puppets, shakers, pipe cleaner musical notes, and “hop” the rabbit hopping along a trail; add to that a teacher who seeks out opportunities to share age-appropriate stories and techniques to remember stuff and laugh along the way. I enjoyed attending the classes as too, and learned music theory as well. My daughter had many opportunities to sing/play in front of an audience at recitals (at a church with an audience of parents and relatives). She sang in a group, played in a group, and played the grand piano on her own – a great confidence builder. ” June, 2014 (Parent of MB3 Graduate that started in Sunshine 1)

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